Big City Folk Show at Fawkner

I'm happy to be returning to the site of the old Ceol Pub, Fawkner for another Big City Folk Songwriter night on Thursday, June 29th! It's hosted by Niall Connolly, and it's an open stage with yours truly as the evening's featured performer. I'll be trying out some very new material!

Michael Wagner with Stevie and the Lion at Union Hall, Brooklyn June 24th 2017

Brooklyn Show at Union Hall

Saturday June 24th was an auspicious night, with Stevie and the Lion releasing their debut EP, Perpetual Emotion Machine! The AC wasn't working, so I had the sweaty privilege of warming up an already hot crowd. Huzzah!

Who is Dynamite James???

That's a great question, and while our marketing team figures that out, we're offering his (her, their?) album for free.

It's a 12-song canon arranged in falling chromatic order, with each song in a different key, because while we still know little about Dynamite James, we know they definitely have OCPD.

Michael Wagner's latest ukulele effort, Ghosts, is now available on iTunes, CDBaby and well pretty much everywhere else.

Eight songs of love, loss and redemption, it's unlike any ukulele album you've ever heard.

Thanks to all of you brave New Yorkers who made it to Rockwood Music Hall despite a blizzard's best efforts to thwart them! We'll be back in the actual springtime, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Shows

New York, NY
10:00 PM
Burlington, VT
9:00 PM


Michael Wagner makes ukuleles sound like drum-machines, and sings manic guitar songs about love, heartbreak and zombies. He also makes audiences wonder how one man can make so many distinct sounds simultaneously come out of one instrument. Listen to the songs and watch the videos to get an idea. Even better, see it live.